Training: 26.2

A beautiful Saturday morning, and here we are indoors,  rowing just shy of 10 miles (16k meters). Why such madness? Sore behinds, cramped legs and blisters, all in the pursuit of the Rowfit 26.2: an indoor rowing marathon. Same day as the Chicago Marathon, same distance, but instead of running, we’re rowing. And rowing. And rowing. And rowing… just erging.

Doing the whole thing would probably take me four hours, so I’ve wisely buddied up to split the distance. Yes, Team At-Risk Adults will be sitting down to each row 13.1 miles on October 12.

Week 4 of training called for each partner to row 4x4k, with a 5 minute rest in between pieces. All totaled that’s about 80 minutes of work. We pretty much “moved in” to our ergs, surrounding ourselves with iced coffee, waters, RX bars and other assorted accessories.


We’ve still got a few weeks before we taper the distance, so next week should be… fun?