The Simple Mobility Tool You Really Need

Mobility outside of the gym is important. You can skip it of course, if you’re the type that likes walking around jacked up and missing out on your full athletic potential. I personally try to avoid shambling around moaning about PRs that could’ve been, so I dutifully purchased a foam roller for home. But… meh. Sorry foam roller, sometimes you’re just a bulky generalist when I could be dispatching an assassin trained in the art of liberating muscles from the most obscure of sorenesses. Enter the Lacrosse ball.

Why Everyone Needs A Lacrosse Ball In Their Life

1. It’s so freaking small. I can toss it in my bag and mobilize wherever my travels take me. Many a time my trusty Lacrosse ball has rescued me from the effects of Crossfitting after too many days of lazing by a pool or at mom’s house. And self myofascial massage is WAY cheaper than what hotel spas charge you. Which leads me to…

2. At $2.99 or less a pop, sweet relief costs less than my daily Starbucks habit. And yet one could argue benefits me so much more than that Venti Jamaican Blue Starbucks Reserve on the Clover.

3. Tired feet after a day of lady businessing ? Lacrosse ball.

4. Trashed upper body after a heavy shoulder day? Lacrosse ball!

5. Tight hamstrings, glutes, hipflexors? LACROSSE. BALL.

6. Not everyone has a doting partner to shower them with on demand massages. You could feel sorry for yourself, or you could look at your Lacrosse ball and be like, we got this.

7. I’m even USING IT RIGHT NOW on my feet as I write. That’s mobility that works for you.

You get the idea. Upper body, lower body and all those crazy trigger points in between. Lacrosse ball deals with them all. A word of caution: releasing those knots can cause sweat-inducing pain. If that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, start with a tennis ball which has more give and fewer sadistic tendencies.