Shauna Harrison: Life Design Hero

Shauna Harrison is the ultimate life designer. In college, she always wanted to excel in academics, but she never wanted to quit on her love for athletics, either. So she didn’t. In a world where compromise is the norm, this self-proclaimed “nerd mixed with a jock mixed with a yogi mixed with a hip hop head” created her own path.

I live for being the exception to the rule.

Queen of hustle, Shauna got a degree from Stanford, a PhD in Public Health from John Hopkins university and invented Hip Hop Cycle™ in her spare time. It was her brand of hip hop infused fitness that got her noticed by Under Armour, who quickly made her a sponsored athlete. (Which is kind of a really big deal.)


Check out Shauna’s Instagram to see how her passion for health and helping all comes together. Joining other “Women of WILL” in representing Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign, Shauna uses her social stardom to inspire people with #sweataday exercises—daily challenges (many of which you can do at home) complete with instructions and the apropos hip hop soundtrack.

Life is crazy busy and it’s easy to lose your focus. Next time you’re stuck on what to write or whether to work out, do like Shauna does— find your hustle. It’ll pay.

Nerd Hero, Jock Hero, Life Hero. We’re heart you Shauna!

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Photo Credits: Shauna Harrison’s Facebook page