Saturday Posts: Eat Happy Edition

What we read, watched and wasted time with this week.


The Eating Habits Of One Marilyn Monroe

Forget about what she ate— it’s more fascinating to picture the star’s nightly routine: picking steak, lamb chops or some liver on the way back to the hotel, where she’d plunk the meat into a broiler. In her room. And I congratulate myself when I make a smoothie in my kitchen.

via Refinery 29

Is Healthy Eating Getting Obsessive?

Clean eating (gluten free, clean, paleo etc) is the new skinny. But when does worrying about the purity of what we eat go too far? Apparently if you’re starting to feel stressed, upset or super OCD about food choices, you could be developing the newest eating disorder getting recognized by dieticians— Orthorexia.

Read about it on Fast Company