Saturday Posts: Airbrushed and Grease-Loaded

What we read, watched and wasted time with this week.


Cindy Crawford Is The Latest Unintentional Hero Of The Anti-Airbrush Movement

If you had eyes this week, you saw a photo of Cindy Crawford’s natural, non-retouched body in an image that was leaked to the press without the supermodel’s consent. Much has been made about this being an empowering moment (it kind of is) but it comes at a real person’s (who happens to be really famous) expense.

Here’s more on the story, with no image of Ms. Crawford behind the click. (Respect, y’all).

Grease-Loading Is The New Carb-Loading 

If you’re a high-endurance athlete (think ultra runners), you might want to replace carbs with say, a pound of bacon. Covered in butter. A high fat diet may be the key to improving metabolic health for endurance athletes, according to some studies. Proponents do admit that “it is really tricky to construct” an appetizing, sustainable diet consisting of the at least 80 percent fat needed for the diet to work. Have fun with that, friends.

Read more in the New York Times’ health pages.

Photo: CC BY-ND 2.0 by Mandy Juoan