Saturday Posts: Afghan Skater Girls Will Steal Your Heart

Skateistan volunteer Erika ollies in front of the destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan, which were built in the 6th century but blown up by the Taliban in 2001. (CC

What we read, watched and wasted time with this week.


Shredding In The Heart Of Kabul reports the story of Skateistan—how one Australian skateboarder’s visit to Afghanistan in 2007 turned into a permanent stay to empower youth through skateboarding and education. Skateistan is the non-profit skate school that provides skateboarding lessons and education workshops to over 600 students, 40% of which are girls. It’s a fact that punches hard because a girl playing sports is still taboo in Afghan society. No bike riding. No kite flying. But girls hitting the ramps with big smiles and zero fear? Yes! Skateistan found the magic loophole, and they’re riding it for all it’s worth.

Read the full article on Vice.

This Girl Can

Get It, Girl

Right on, Sport England. The British council’s new campaign, This Girl Can, shows active women without the glam filter—a nice change from what we’re typically fed by the sport apparel industry. Ignore the slightly cringe-y copy and watch the awesome women of all shapes and sizes—you know, the ones you work out next to in real life—sweat and shake and give zero shits about judgement. Yassss.

Watch the video here.