Rest Days Are Suck Days

So, I’m off. My rest days have turned into rest couplets, even triplets. All due to a sequence of inconveniently timed jerk things. Multi-limb injuries (not Crossfit-related). House guests. Sick. Work travel.

This has naturally stressed me the fuck out. Rest days can suck it. Nothing tried, achieved, or learned in the physical sense.

But there’s got to be a silver lining in everything, including setbacks. Life’s too short to mess around with moping. So racking my brain, I tried to learn a few things during this unplanned hiatus.

I thrive on group fitness. 

I can motivate myself to run solo, but that’s it. I know there are travel WODs. I have just enough equipment at home to bust out some AMRAPs. But, meh. Where’s my coach? Where are the people inspiring me to try harder with their own bad-assery? WHO IS GOING TO HIGH FIVE ME WHEN THIS IS OVER?

I don’t have to let missing out drive me crazy.

Oh, it was getting to me. Bad. I hate setbacks and slowing down. Move forward always, could be my motto. Luckily the rationale part of my brain had some sage advice. It’s ok to pause on the exercises that aggravate your injury or don’t fit your schedule. Just don’t stop. Be creative and find different ways to get out there. Even if it’s a long walk when you’re injured or a quick run before work instead of the WOD.

Stay moving. Don’t let a setback kill your momentum. That would be the real bummer.


Black Eye by Dan Nemmers from The Noun Project