Issue 11 // April 2015

Nell Shuttleworth: Motivation Hero


If Nell believes you can do it, suddenly you can.

Aimee Mullins: Game-Changing Hero


This double amputee athlete is changing the way the world sees disability.

Shauna Harrison: Life Design Hero


Shauna Harrison lives to be the exception to the rule.

Maria Toorpakai Wazir: Fearless Hero


She defied all odds to play the sport she loved.

Jenn Gibbons: Unstoppable Hero


By bike or by boat, she’s got this.

Elisabeth Akinwale: Crossfit Hero


Crossfit Hero. Bad Ass Mama Hero.

Cindy Whitehead: Epic Skateboarding Hero


Flipping the bird to what girls are “supposed” to do.

Billie Jean King: Tennis Hero


A champ in tennis and in life.

The April Issue: Heroes


Strong ones. Funny ones. Joy-inducing ones.

A Workout Of Our Own

Issue 10 // March 2015

Fitness Interrupted: How I’m Finding My Way Back To The Gym


I used to workout all the time. Then I just, stopped. Now it’s time to get back to it.

The March Issue: A Workout Of Our Own


This month we wax poetic about finding our happy place in the fitness world.

Eat Happy

Issue 9 // February 2015

I Got My Wisdom Teeth Out And Now I Get Why Everyone’s So Crazy For Smoothies


NOW I get it.

I Quit You, Junk Food: Addictive Eating Habits To Avoid


It wasn’t easy, but breaking my addictive eating habits was so worth it.

Spoils Revealed: What Cleaning Out My Fridge Taught Me About Me


I cleaned out my fridge and discovered more than I bargained for.

Happy Eating Is Not One Size Fits All


Why you don’t have to harsh on yourself when you have a less-than-perfect food day.

The February Issue: Eat Happy


This month we cover how to eat well, minus the food drama.

Good Intentions

Issue 8 // January 2015

Relax! A Painless Way to Chill The Hell Out


How finding my mantra made calming the F down a whole lot easier.

Famous Last Words: I Went From Freaking Out To Finishing My First Marathon


I always said I’d never run a full marathon— but then I did, and loved it.

The Stuff We’re Really Going To Do This Year


The theme of this month’s Issue (dropping that all casual like we’ve been doing themes or issues this whole time) is Good Intentions. Resolutions have a bad rap for not sticking and we’re not having any of that in 2015. Goals will be achieved, statements will…