Lettuce Hack Your Lunch

Sometimes (ok, like all the time) you’re just too busy to prepare yourself a from-scratch kale salad or maybe you only have one of the six ingredients needed for a smoothie (and that’s ice). And in those times my friend, you look for the lunch hack. Something that meets 80-90% of your paleo requirements, fills you up and sends you on your guilt-free way in under 5 minutes.

Yesterday’s paleo rescue came courtesy of Jimmy John’s. For years these crazy bastards have offered the “Unwich” — lettuce wrap replacing the bread — and all I could do was scoff. Because bread. Without it, a sandwich is really just a salad in a really sad disguise. But behold. Now that I’ve cut almost all bread-like products from my life, the unwich has become undeniably alluring. You hold it like a sandwich. It’s got all the good sandwichy stuff inside with only about 50% of the joy removed. And hey, I can live with that!

What are your fave lunch hacks? Give us some leads in the comments.

Pictured lunch hack: #4 (Turkey Tom), sub avocado spread for mayo. Actually delicious.