My Year of “No”

At brunch this weekend my friend explained her upcoming (and rather spontaneous) 7-day trip to Mexico as part of her “Year of Yes.” I loved that so much. I could feel myself emotionally rushing to join in this wonderful Year of Yes but instead I blurted out, “I think this is my Year of No.”

Let me back up.

I’m not a negative person. Saying no is hard for me. I like seeing people happy more than anything, and I’ll even put myself last to ensure it. But there’s a line between support and self-sacrifice, and when you cross it you can really screw yourself.

Everything you commit to takes time, resources and emotional energy. Even if you don’t realize it at the moment, it does. And over the last year in particular, I’ve accumulated a lot of commitments that one way or another drain the precious time, resources and emotional energy I need to pursue my own personal goals. I’m not good at math, but unless I can start throwing some No’s around, any resolution I make is going to gather dust.

So to kick off 2016, I’m skipping the traditional resolutions and going straight for the things I won’t do.

No to overcommitting myself.

No to putting myself last.

Just… NO.

I’m ready for my Year of No, although I feel like it’s going to take some practice before I get the hang of it. I’ll report back with success and/or failures. And for those of you who are embarking on your wonderful Year of Yes—I look forward to joining you when the path is clear.