Lurong Paleo Memo: Weeks 4 – 6

Something clicked around week 4 of (nearly) perfect paleo eating. I had the makings of a routine that kept me satisfied, and food was no longer on my mind every damn second of the day. I was knocking myself over to pat my own back when WHAM, week 5.

The End Is Not In Sight

Mentally, it was like the worst part of an endurance piece. If Lurong was a 2k row, week 5 would be the dreaded second 500m. The part where you wonder, aggressively I might add,  a) what are your chances for survival and b) what were you on when you voluntarily signed up for this?

Week 5 had none of the fresh, happy newness of weeks 1 and 2. And that routine that clicked in during week 4? It meant fewer logistical challenges to busy my brain with. I was down and out and dreaming of pizza.

Focus On The Horizon Line

A bit of advice given to me in two very different but water-related situations. On a boat, focusing on the horizon line keeps sea sickness from possessing you (I never learn my lesson) and while stand up paddling it keeps you balanced and calm. I needed to find my Lurong horizon line.

My horizon line wasn’t anything grandiose. It came down to those 3 benchmark WODs that we’d be redoing at the end of the challenge. I wasn’t pleased with my performance on any of them.  I know I can do better. And if this paleo challenge is in pursuit of anything, it’s my goal to build endurance and strength. Giving in now would rob me of the chance to go after them in an optimal condition.

So week 5 came and went with no major cave ins. Week 6 was the dawning of something else: we’re almost at the end.