Lurong Paleo Memo: Oh No Wedding Weekend

This weekend I went to an important wedding in the up north part of Up North Wisconsin. How I survived (or didn’t) is a tale for another post. Skip below for the memo highlights:

Day 12: September 26. First restaurant attempt. Potatoes came with my clean meat thing, but I shoved them out of sight. +12 points

Day 13: September 27. First paleo road trip. 9 hours total, all clean with an army of snacks: cold chicken, cashew butter, cherry tomatoes, paleo jerky, date rolls, avocados (not all consumed at once). Followed by drinking during dinner and evening segments. -6 points.

Day 14: September 28. Paleo until we party. Wedding, happy tears, beer, dinner and a ceremonious cider donut. -6 points.

Day 15: September 29. Long car ride home and paleo obstacles. Healthy snacks win. +12 points

Day 16: September 30. Improvised a chicken cacciatore and watched the final episode of Breaking Bad. +12 points

Day 17: October 1. Leftovers, salads, and got a Claire Danes haircut. Wish I could get more points for this. +12 points