Lurong Paleo Memo: Days 6 – 11

On Day 11 already and still going strong. With a Wisconsin wedding this weekend, I’m trying to save up all the points I can. Le memo:

Day 6: September 20th. First WOD of Lurong. Did decent on the Level 1. Leftover fish stew with extra veggies thrown in made for an exciting Friday night.

Day 7: September 21th. 26.2 marathon training. 15k is a long ass time on an erg. Made sweet potato noodles with pesto from scratch for dinner and stayed in.

Day 8: September 22nd.Whole Foods run for mass quantities of frozen fish and fresh chicken. Stocked fridge equals security.

Day 9: September 23rd. Client in town. Donut holes and beer tempting. So tempting. Coworkers supportive of my new and bizarre abstinance.

Day 10: September 24th. Forgot snacks to bring to work. Mild panic. Roamed halls of the Merchandise Mart until almonds were procured.

Day 11: September 25th. Second late work night in a row and no time to cook all the good food in the fridge. Will remedy tomorrow. In the meantime. Salads.