Lurong Paleo Memo: Days 2 – 5

The end of week one in sight. Which means a mere 7 weeks + 2 days to go. That’s nothing! Ha ha… sigh.

So how have I done to date?

Cheats: 0

Clean 100%

YES. Staying clean hasn’t been easy, but not as hard as I thought. The trick is hiding from temptation. And fun. And friends. Stay home and there’s no need to explain your fussiness. Yes, the paleo challenge is easy when you’re a shut in!

Take a memo, Diane:

Day 2: September 17th. Feeling happy. Avocados and cashews. Fats for days.  Dinner: was cooking for someone non-paleo and had mild panic attack. Sweet potato hash with egg succeeded in satisfying both parties.

Day 3: September 18th.  Rowed almost 10 miles for marathon training. Hard to refuel after. Dinner: First big baby moment occurred over thought of french fries. Crashed early. Slept great.

Day 4: September 19th. Third time having Protein Bar salad for lunch this week. May be reaching limits of lunch boredom already. An ominous sign. Dinner was an ad hoc coconut fish stew. Experienced strong deja vu afterwards…haven’t I cooked like this before?

Day 5: September 20th. WOD 1 completed. Hard but solid finish in Level 1. Wall balls continue to suck major. For dinner, leftover fish stew padded with tomato and cauliflower. Nursing of a 6oz glass of red for 3 hours on a Friday night. Remind me next week that I like doing this.