Lurong Paleo Memo: Days 18 – 24

Day 18: October 2. Keep your head down, stay clean. +12 points

Day 19: October 3. On my best behavior, rewarded with wine bar in the evening for the daily red. +12 points.

Day 20: October 4. Wound up on an impromptu road trip to Milwaukee. Geographically obligated to have beer in the evening. -3 points.

Day 21: October 5. Three weeks down. If this was a Whole30, I’d be almost done. Instead attend a backyard-woodfired-pizza-party and stare at the carbs. +12 points

Day 22: October 6. Paleo potluck with the Lurong team. Amazing food including paleo pumpkin pie and ice cream. Followed up the food with a little more wine than allowed. -3 points

Day 23: October 7. Let’s get back on track. Trying to cut down nuts this week, increase water intake. +12 points

Day 24: October 8. Unremarkable, normal day followed by tomato tilapia and a foray into homemade kale chip baking . +12 points