Lurong Paleo Challenge: Day 1

This girl has never eaten Paleo before. Never even seriously entertained it. You could talk me out of bread. Maybe dairy. But grains? And the legume family? Sweet mercy. Vegetarianism saw me through the Gore Bush years and Obama’s first term. You can’t have my chickpeas.

So what sweet words did the 8-week Lurong Paleo Challenge whisper to make me take the plunge? Three things, mainly:

1) The challenge combines nutritional goals with tracked CrossFit WODs. The results can be measured in increased reps and weights, decreased times plus overall well-being.

2) My box is supporting it. Twenty RowFitters have signed on, meaning a built-in support group for us Paleo babies, potlucks, and slotting the challenge WODs into the regular programming for low-impact schedule changes.

3) It’s going to be hard. Lately I’m happiest with a difficult fitness goal in front of me. There will be failures (from here on known as “Cheats”) but hopefully more feel-good gains that come from testing myself.

Those three reasons are enough. And if anything, 8 weeks is enough time for me to figure out whether a real food diet works for me… or makes me miserable.

With my pantry well-stocked, today was officially Day 1. From morning to night, everything I ate was on the Clean list, even that little glass of Malbec.

And if I can’t have chocolate, how about some words I can eat later: so far, this Paleo thing feels great.