Let’s Go! Join Team Athletish

Are you equal parts athlete and art nerd? We heart that rebellious combination and are excited to extend this special invite to you:

Athletish is currently seeking writers, illustrators, photographers and smart asses to join our (unpaid) staff or moonlight as a guest contributor. Of note:

We’re not a mag, we’re a zine. Translation: this is a fun and open opportunity to share the stuff you’re too busy to blog about yourself with a collective audience of likeminded chicks. Comics, photos, musings, playlists, articles — we dig all written, visual and audible formats.

Say anything (almost). To celebrate our *official* launch and the (sorta) new year, the theme of our first issue is DO NEW THINGS. The new sports you’ve tried or are considering. The new regimens. The new attitudes and perspectives. As athletes we are constantly evolving. Let’s hear your story.

Equal Athlete Opportunity. Everyone is an athlete here. From the fitness-curious to the pros, all are encouraged to share their perspective.  

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note describing how you’d like to contribute and we’ll shoot you the details and submission guidelines. While we aim to share as many perspectives as possible, submissions must meet editorial guidelines in order to be published. Emails will be returned within 3 days.

Ready to join? Hit us up at athletish @ gmail dot com

View submission guidelines here.