I Remember Halloween

Halloween. It used to be such a BIG DEAL. In post-college Vermont, it meant scouting a month in advance for THE parties to prioritize. Oh, the conceptual costumes we had to prepare!

In Chicago, my Halloween Focus eventually shifted from Epic House Party to the Agency Party and the bacchanalian Agency Party-After-Party. This year I was in Minneapolis for work on that hallowed day. Even though I managed to land myself downtown as things got rolling, I had zero energy and zero creativity to even pull off an entry into the Best Last Minute Costume category.

No costume and Lurong meant I wasn’t sharing the boozey energy of everyone else. Yawning, I went home and didn’t even regret missing the After Party. Halloween 2013, a mere shadow of Halloweens past. What would Danzig say if he could see me now??

When I woke up the next morning for CrossFit, I checked my box’s website and saw wearing a costume meant bypassing a 2k row buy in. Um. Where’s my Last Minute Costume now?? The closest thing I had was a Lucha Libre mask my friend raffled off at his birthday party this September. I tried it on. Scratchy. Hot. Hard to see. Perfect!

At the box it was cool to see other ladies taking the costume thing seriously, too. I made it through the warm up before Coach Alex asked me remove the mask for the barbell work (“It’s challenging enough without impaired vision, Erin.”)

Laughing and sweating it out at a CrossFit gym was not how I could have ever imagined spending a Halloween, even a year ago. I’m not going to question it.