Ask A Chick: Gym Couples, Yeah or Nah?


What do you think of couples that gym together? 


Jess Vetter


Jess: For many years, Joel and I worked out together. It was great motivation for both of us to get our butts out of bed and to the gym every morning. However, I’m way too competitive for my husband and his workout style is way too nonchalant for me.

Now we mutually agree to completely ignore each other between arrival and departure from the gym. It works great!

Erin Sian


Erin Sian: The gym was my “me” time, but at one point I realized being the only crazy Crossfit person in a relationship was kind of lonely. So I got my dude a month’s membership, just so he could relate to me better when I inevitably talked about my PRs and lack thereof. He ended up sticking with it, which I immediately admired because Crossfit isn’t everyone’s jam, but sharing “my” workout was weird at first. Instead of just worrying about myself, all of a sudden I’d be thinking about how he was doing and a distracted workout does not equal an ideal workout. Plus we were driving ourselves crazy trying to find class times that worked for us both, and one of us would end up compromising somewhere. So like Jess and Joel, an agreement had to be reached if this gym couple thing was going to work: 1) Go when you need to, no planning around each other. 2) Do your thing and don’t worry about the other person unless they’re like dropping a barbell on their head or something.

It’s an awesome balance—half the time I’m getting the solo version that I love, half the time we get to high five after and talk about the workout.

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@nicnodz: We don’t workout together every day, but he tried olympic lifting with me for my birthday, and we go indoor bouldering together on date night every week. 🙂


  • Sheenanigans

    I didn’t think I’d like working out with my husband as much as I really do. I am a rowing coach and he had never rowed before. He can lift gross amounts of weight and I could not. Going to the gym together eventually (baaaaaaarf) helped us learn how to learn from/coach each other. (I won’t say there wasn’t some hardcore bickering back and forth in the meantime about who knew the best way to do what.)

    Now he kicks my ass on the erg and I can lift a hell of a lot more weight than I used to be able to. Overall win/win.

    • erinsian

      You’d never know either of you hadn’t been doing both for years — good job on the co-coaching and the not killing each other in the process. 😉