The Stuff We’re Really Going To Do This Year

The theme of this month’s Issue (dropping that all casual like we’ve been doing themes or issues this whole time) is Good Intentions. Resolutions have a bad rap for not sticking and we’re not having any of that in 2015. Goals will be achieved, statements will become reality and we will all learn how to dunk.

To kick things off right we cornered five of our favorite ladies and got their good intentions for the year ahead. Here’s what they said…

Meg Mariel Williams

"Get back into the meditation habit. Clean up my Tai Chi form. Breathe. God, I sound like a hippie."
- Meg



Emily Kelly

"This year, I plan on running my second full marathon (fingers crossed for a certain destination race), and getting a new fitness certification! Also? Hydrate and sleep more. Always." 
- Emily


Christine P

"I love food but our relationship isn't healthy. I'm going to keep dating food but be less smother-y. I'm also going to find new activities to give us some space until we can get along again and be happy in each other's company."
- Christine


"Quit smoking. Be as crass as possible. Offend no one."
- E. Peabody



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"Be less of a dope about nutrition. Be more of a fool about having fun. Crank the James Brown."
- Erin Sian


Got some Good Intentions of your own? We’d love to hear (and maybe crib them for ourselves). Share yours in the comments!