Elisabeth Akinwale: Crossfit Hero

There’s nobody we look up to more in the CrossFit world than Elisabeth Akinwale. Yes, her abs are amazing, but what would you expect from such a beastly competitor? She’s been a top 15 women’s finisher at FOUR CrossFit Games and has won Regionals twice, sometimes despite nagging injuries…


…She’s also a full-time single mom. After coming in second at the 2014 North Central Regionals, it was her 7-year old son who put things back into perspective: “He doesn’t care,” she said in a Games.Crossfit.com interview. “You’re just mom. All that is irrelevant. So I feel like I’m setting the example I need to set for him: Follow your dreams, go after your goals. In that moment of disappointment, it was nice to get back to the foundation of my life.” (Follow her on Instagram for evidence that having a mom who works out is the coolest thing ever).


…And hello, she trains just down the street from us here in Chicago!


But what we love most is her mad integrity. You won’t find Akinwale posting endless selfies, butt shots or shitty photos of everything she eats. She makes social media appearances when she has something real to say, which, and this is maybe the only flaw we found, we’re left wanting more of.

Per usual we’ll be rooting for her soon at the North Central Crossfit Regionals this year.

Crossfit Hero. Mama Hero. Elisabeth Akinwale, we heart you!

For more on Elisabeth, check out her blog. 

Photo Credits: ElisabethAkinwale.com, Alison Gamble Photography, Games.Crossfit.com