Cue Music: The Last Paleo Potluck

Tonight marked the last night in our 8 week paleo journey. I’m going to miss our little group. We WODed together, supported each other on our FB page and importantly, banded together for potlucks.

I’m getting the hang of paleo cooking, but my fellow Lurongers have it down. Paleo pumpkin pie, paleo ice cream, amazing meats of all kinds, almond crackers and more, complete with my 60z glass+ (shhh!) of red wine.

I wasn’t expecting a little community to spring up around this challenge but it did.


For this last potluck I freestyled a version of Nom Nom Paleo’s Prosciutto-Wrapped Mini Frittata Muffins, pictured above. I skipped the coconut flour and the prosciutto and the world didn’t end. It’s like frittata muffins were designed just for potlucks. Quick to make (in endless variations), easy to transport, no re-heating needed and perfectly finger food sized.