CrossFit Regionals Hit Chicago

I get a text this morning that my friends were headed down to Navy Pier to catch the final day of the CrossFit Regionals. I’d spent hours the night before watching Events 1 – 5, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me to actually GO see the third (and final) day of events.

So I was in. We headed over not knowing what to expect. It was loud, energetic and inspiring to be around so many athletes. Eventually finding some of the kids from our box, we settled into the bleachers for Event 7:

Four Rounds for time:

15ft rope climb, two ascents

100ft sprint

4 Squat cleans (225/135)

100ft sprint

Situated right behind the rope climbs, we had the perfect view of Elisabeth Akinwale and Stacie Tovar duking it out (Akinwale for the win!) First thought as they hauled ass up the ropes: “They’re impossibly strong.”

Second thought: “I want to do that.”

Well, maybe not that. We’re talking some elite ladies here. Though it was encouraging to see some were about my height (but, um, packing a shitload of muscles).

I walked away so geeked I immediately put away 3 sets of dumbbell snatches when I got home.