Crossfit: How I Got The Competitive Spirit

The CrossFit Open was the talk of the gym for 5 weeks this spring. If you weren’t doing it, I’m sure it was highly annoying to hear us discuss our strategies in hushed tones over RX Bars. (FYI the strategizing gets MUCH simpler when the prescribed weight topples you over.)

My highly impressive leaderboard showing aside, the Open taught me I kind of liked competing. If I hadn’t had the clock-induced panic I don’t know if I would’ve got those first real double unders. Or lifted my previous 1RM deadlift 7 times after lifting a shit ton of other shitty weight.

Maybe that’s why I was so gung ho to sign up for the all-day competition my gym put on last Saturday. My first real one with actual consecutive WODs and partners and judges and a psuedo-live leaderboard. Happy day, happy friends oh wait I’m dead center in the middle of a burden run and NAH, I’M GOOD. YOU GUYS GO AHEAD, COMPETE WITHOUT ME.


Just kidding. But it was pretty hard for me. I seemed to struggle more than most (curse you, Wallballs!!). But the point was, we were all struggling. It wasn’t designed to be easy. So why put yourself through that pain and misery on the first beautiful spring day of the year?

You Can’t Hide 

No additional scaling. No modifying the movements. You just have to do what’s on the board. Between this and the Open my list of weaknesses to “work” includes every Crossfit move ever invented. Might not be as cool as the free t-shirt, but having some fitness delusions stripped away can and should be a motivator. 

You Find Little Wins

I may have had a low max snatch lift, but it was 5 lbs heavier than my last test two weeks ago. Lifting pro tip: Crossfit standards are so generous (ahem, fair) compared to Oly standards. Muscle that shit! It counts! Reps for everyone!

You Make Friends Outside Your  Group

Some athletes are morning and some are night. I’m in denial that these “night” people exist. It’s like some alternate universe where other people partake in our equipment and coaches and THAT IS SO WEIRD. However nothing like sitting around for  7 hours with intermittent bursts of warrior time to make these two breeds finally mix.

The Beer

After the competition everyone gets shit-faced which is well deserved and righteous. Don’t no rep me on this beer, bro.