Ask A Chick: What’s Your Proudest Body Moment?


Girls, we have a guilty habit of not talking up our athletic successes enough. So let’s have it: When have you felt proudest of what your body can do? 

Emily Kelly


Emily: For me, throughout marathon training. Every time the distance got further, I would go in thinking “there’s no way I can run [14], [15], [18], [20] miles,” but then I did. And then to be able to recovery quickly enough to continue teaching or training throughout each week? I felt so strong.

Jess Vetter


Jess: The first time I did an unassisted pull up was amazing for me. It seemed so completely unattainable. Something only strong people could do… And then it dawned on me, I AM one of those strong people! Giddy for days after.


Erin Sian


Erin Sian: Right now. My proudest moment isn’t a big thunderclap, it’s the culmination of lots of improvements coming together in a slow wave of awesome. I’ve been working hard for 3 years and often have felt stuck in last place in regards to strength, mobility and skill. No violins, I seriously was weak! But recently I started noticing I can do things even 6-months ago me couldn’t— handstand holds, an unassisted chin up (singular) and being able to rock out deadlifts. I credit my programming… and me for showing up to take part in the programming.

Let’s keep this up. Tell us your proudest moment in the comments!

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