Ask a Chick: Less Anxious, More Awesome

Q: How do you deal with anxiety? I’m trying to learn the kinder, gentler side of life, and it’s really difficult to pick up new tricks (please do not suggest yoga). Would love to hear how my ladies take on their most anxious moments of life!

Emily Kelly


Emily: For me, it depends on the type of anxiety. If it’s work/stress-related, working out always helps me clear my head and feel empowered. If it’s general anxiety, and working out is just running me ragged, sometimes I do the opposite and try to tone back my energy levels and get more sleep (something I’m super guilty of neglecting!). When that’s the case I try to drink calming tea or take melatonin or valerian root before bed, to calm my nerves somewhat naturally. What’s funny is that sometimes teaching classes *causes* me anxiety (that’s what happens when an introvert gets in front of a class several days a week!). In that instance—when I feel really quiet and nervous about having to get in front of people—the ole’ reliable ‘fake it ’til you make it’ method is the only solution I’ve ever found to work. Thankfully, it does generally work.

Erin Sian


Erin Sian: Anxiety is something I’m always trying to manage, too. My fave tricks: 1) Take some Rescue Remedy (you can buy them in pastille or tincture form at Whole Foods). I always have a tin of these in my purse and it never fails to put me in a “no worries” mood before a bumpy flight or a stressful presentation. 2) Practice saying the chant thing that Megan taught me. I don’t get the words exactly right but the important thing is to repeat the same syllables over and over again. Calms my brain and distracts me— I even started doing this during long plank holds at the gym and I swear it makes the clock tick faster. 3) Definitely a solid workout helps. It blocks out the work thoughts and I always feel better after. Even when the workout has wall balls. 4) If nothing else works, it’s time to turn the job over to Miller Lite.

Photo Credit: CC BY 2.0 / By Bernard Goldblach