Ask A Chick: Gross Days. How Do You Deal??

Q: Ah, the gross days. Nothing fits, you’re being a little betch and you just don’t feel like yourself. Have you found any ways to combat total blahdom?

Erin Sian


Erin: For me I need to pick something to “restart” with. If I’ve been failing at the gym, the next class I will allow myself to lift slightly lighter weights, do step ups instead of box jumps, etc. I usually have a better workout by going easier, which is enough success to pump me up. If I’ve been eating like crap, then I need to do the opposite with food. I’ll force the time to make a healthy dinner and enjoy the process of prepping and cooking. Either way, it’s about making the effort to be kind to yourself.

Jess Vetter


Jess: Oh man, I’m so bad at this. I’ve realized that if I feel too good about myself for too many days, I take it for granted and skip workouts because “I’m in great shape, I don’t need to go.” (ha!) So, I have a good wallow every now and then and just go with it—bad mood, cheats, and all. Then I channel my inner L.M. Montgomery and remind myself “tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it yet,” go to bed, and try to find my way back in the morning.

Emily Kelly


Emily: When I’m feeling physically gross but still strong, sometimes a solid workout is enough to get me back into the positive zone. But if I’m already feeling discouraged and then have a bad workout? Woof. On those days, it’s a lot more mental reminders that the grossness is in my head, not my body. I’ll throw on an outfit that makes me feel my best, and remind myself that it’s just a funk, and it will pass.


Ok, ladies. Tell us your how you fight blahdom in the comments!

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